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Starters ~ Mains ~ Vegetables

Hare Bhare Baagh Se ~ Vegetables
Khumb ki Sabzi 7.50
Sauteed mushrooms in onions and tomatoes flavoured with curry leaves
Sabzi Sangam 7.50
Mixed Seasonal vegetables cooked with aromatic spices
Daal Tarka 7.50
Yellow lentils cooked with garlic, dried chilli in ghee, tempered with cumin seeds.
Jeera Aloo 7.50
Cumin Flavoured potato cooked in a traditional way
Bhindi Do Pyaza 7.95
Okra cooked in onion and a based sauce garnished with peppers
Saag Aloo 7.50
A creamy spinach puree cooked with aromatic spices and potato.
Panner Chaman Masala 7.95
Indian cottage cheese prepared with capsicum, ginger and spring onion served in a creamy tomato
Aloo Methi 7.50
Fenurgeek flavoured potato in a home made style.
Baigan ka Bharta 7.95
Smoked aubergine cooked in aromatic sauce
Chilli Paneer 7.95
Cubes of cottage cheese cooked with a blend of chillies, capsicum and a tangy sauce garnished with sesame seeds and curry leaves
Banarsi Gobi Aloo 7.50
A classic north Indian dish of spicy potatoes cauliflower
Chana Masala 7.50
Chickepeas prepared in a rich sauce with onions and tomatoes

Sanghi Saathi ~ Accompaniments

Rice and Breads
Indian Food is always served with an accompaniment of rice or bread. In certain parts of India such as West Bengal and Kerela, rice is the chosen Accompaniment, whereas in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab people prefer wheat bread like roti and naan.  

Biryani ~ e ~ Bahaar (Spicy & Hot)

Your selection cooked under a slow flame mixed with pilao rice, a blend of spices served with curry sauce.
Chicken 11.95
Vegetable 9.50
Lamb 12.95
Prawn 13.50
(no curry sauce is served as all our Biryani's are cooked with cury sauce.)


Steam Rice 3.75
Special Egg Fried Rice 4.25
Pilao Rice 3.75


Plain Naan 2.00
Peshwari Naan 3.50
Paratha 2.75
Garlic Naan 2.75
Chapati 1.00
Tandoori Roti 1.50