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Khas ~ e ~ Khana (Main Meal)
Chicken Indiana 9.95
Traditional Korma using a selection of mild spices that proved kids favourite!
Coconut Lamb  10.95
A south Indian dish, made to perfection cooked with coconut, mustard seed, curry leaves garnish with grated coconut.
Methi Chicken 9.95
Chicken breast cooked in a thick aromatic sauce flavoured with fenugreek leaves.
Fish Frankie 12.95
Indian street food speciality spicy pan fried fish served with salad rolled in a roti.
Chicken Karahi 9.95
Chicken Breast pieces cooked with tomato, onions and mix peppers, flavoured with coriander cinnamon and cumin.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Marinated chicken tikka simmered in sweet and sour tomato based sauce flavoured with fenugreek leaves.
Prawn Bhuna 11.25
Prawns cooked in a thick sauce with aromatic spices.
Chicken Jalferazi 9.95
Spicy Chicken cooked in a thick sauce, green peepers and coriander.
Lamb Jalferazi  10.95
Spicy Lamb cooked in a thick sauce, green peepers and coriander.
Chicken Makhini 9.95
Chicken Tikka marinated with aromatic spices, simmered in a creamy tomato based sauce with butter.

Indiana Platters

Amazing Variety of Mixed Starters Sharde between the two
Veg Platter 11.95
Selection of vegatarian variety including samosa, spring rolls and traditional Onion Bhaji.
Non Veg Platter 14.95
Amazing selection of chicken tikka's, sheekh Kebabs and peshwari kebabs.
Sea Food Platter 16.95
A mouth watering selection of Prawns & Variety of fish.
Very Fishy! 19.50
A unique selection of many rare fish on and off the bone including the famous Indian Pomfret Fish. (A must for Fish Lovers)