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Starters ~ Mains ~ Vegetables

Shuruaat ~ The Beginning
Poppadams Plain or Spicy 1.00
Your choice of plain and spicy poppadams served with onions and a selection of Chutneys.
Starters ~ Tandoor Specialities

The tandoor originates from Indus Valley in 1500 BC. The word "tandoor" originates from Persia "tan" means hot and "door" refers to the way in which the oven is made using clay. Fuelled by charcoal. The tandoor oven helps flavour the food which is cooked in it giving it a roasted barbeque taste and aroma.

Murgh Noorani 6.25
Cubes of chicken breast, marinated in a paste of fresh yoghurt, ginger and garlic, cooked in the tandoor and served with mint chutney.
Sheekh Kebab 5.95
Minced lamb with onions and exotic spices cooked on skewers in the clay oven.
Peshwari Kebab 6.50
Diced lamb marinated in herbs and spices and grilled in tandoor.
Pudina Machli 7.95
Fish marinated in herbs and spices with exotic flavour of mint, roasted in tandoor.
Fish Amritsari 7.95
Fillet or marinated seasonal fish dipped in chickpea batter and deep fried. A traditional recipe from Punjab served with dipping chutney.
Murgh Malai Tikka 6.95
Tandoor roasted chicken breast tikka mildly marinated with cheese and hung yoghurt served with chutney.
Jhinga Gulbahar 7.25
Delicately spiced king prawns roasted on skewers in the tandoor.
Sunehri Ajwaini Machli 7.25
Charcoal smoked fillets of salmon marinated in yoghurt and aromatic spices served with mint chutney.
Vegetable Samosa 4.25
Parcels of mixed vegetables, potatoes mixed with aromatic spices and deep fried, served with home made chutney.
Meat Samosa 5.25 
Parcels of mixed minced meat mixed with aromatic spices and deep fried, served with home made chutney.
Pyaaz ke Pakore (Fresh Onion Bhaji) 4.95
Sliced onion ring in a fragnant spiced chickpea batter, deep fried and served with mint chutney for dipping 
Vegetable / Chicken Spring Rolls   4.25/5.25
Stuffed rolled filo pastry sheets of seasonal with vegetable / minced chicken deep fried served with home made chutney. 
Garlic Mushrooms (Spicy & Hot) 6.50
Mushrooms prepared in delicious Indian style with herbs coatings  
Bread Rollers


Spicy Potatoes rolled in Bread and deep fried